Why I HATE Going To Any Doctor

Why I HATE Going To Any Doctor

Why I HATE Going To Any Doctor

Why do we have such low expectations for our healthcare experience? When I quickly list what I am looking for in a healthcare office I think of the following:

  • Knowledge of doctor and health care team
  • Friendly team
  • Office runs on time
  • Treated in a gentle, caring manner
  • Ability of doctor to communicate
  • Doctor and team are prepared and familiar with patient and their needs
  • Reliability of the office to call in prescriptions in a timely manner, and respond to questions in a timely manner

Is this what your healthcare team sounds like? These qualities are just a microcosm of a list that we could come up with. So why do we as practitioners far short? More importantly, why do patients lower their expectations of their experience at a healthcare facility?

The answer is simple, these low expectations are our expectations. We are used to waiting 30-60 minutes past our scheduled appointment time to be taken to a treatment room. Often, we are used to waiting another 10-20 minutes after being taken to the room before the doctor even comes in. I don’t know about you, but for that 10-20 minutes I start thinking of all the things I am going to say to the doctor. To let him/her know I don’t appreciate the fact that they don’t value my time. That’s when the doctor walks in, and I don’t say a word, because after all, this is what I expect. Doctors who participate in insurance plans are forced to lower the standard of care, and book as many patients per hour as they can fit in their room.

What if things were different?

What if the office team really CARES about their patients and has the appropriate TIME scheduled to treat them well? What if they only focused on one patient at a time, knew that patient by name, reviewed that patient’s goals, needs, and objectives? What if the doctor called after you had a difficult treatment to make sure you were okay? What if the office didn’t double and triple book our treatment rooms so patients were treated ON TIME? Things would be different. Things are different. This experience I am describing is what we strive for at our office every day.

Every morning, our team at my office recites our mission statement (we all know it by heart at this point). “To know, understand, and educate our patients so that they may select the best choice of treatment, then to carry out that treatment with the utmost quality and to the best of our ability.”

We say this every single day, because after all, we are here to serve YOU. You will never find an office that will treat you in a kinder, more caring way than us.

Why I HATE Going To Any Doctor

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